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Retail Awards

The “original” STAR Awards program began 20 years ago and was comprised exclusively of Retail categories. Today this category includes everything from traditional Introduction Kits and Annual Reports to Mobile Apps. Since 1996, the Retail Awards has honored the very best efforts in the industry.

Advisor Awards

The competitive Advisor Awards category which features 30 separate entry classes – from Newsletters to Ad Campaigns to Digital Innovation. The efforts of fund companies to reach, educate and engage advisors, include leading edge efforts from the very best marketers in the business.

Retirement Awards

Companies engage in truly impressive efforts to educate major plan participants and encourage them to invest for the long-term. These efforts incorporate innovative branding, creative packaging and amazing design in materials like Plan Conversion Communications, Thought Leadership and White Papers and Events and Conferences.

Community Investment Award

The fund industry and its member firms do much more than invest on behalf their shareholders, they actively invest in their own communities through charitable works. Many of these good deeds go unrecognized outside their communities but the MFEA’s Community Investment Awards honors great works that make a significant difference.