2019 Community Investment Award Finalists

The Community Investment Award is designed to recognize an investment management firm for its outstanding community service contributions such as special programs, partnerships, in-kind support of goods and services, employee volunteerism or other activities that have resulted in a positive impact on a community, an organization or its citizens.

Congratulations to the 2019 Community Investment Award finalists! Join us September 24 in Chicago to see which firm takes home this prestigious award.

[grve_single_image image=”7265″][grve_title title=”If Not Me, Then Who?” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″ align=”center”]
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Inspired by the words 1st Lt. Travis Manion of the United States Marine Corps spoke to his brother-in-law just prior to his second, and sadly final deployment, 361 Capital accepted the challenge of “If Not Me, Then Who?” in spearheading the inaugural 9/11 Heroes Run in Denver, Colorado. The race benefitted the Travis Manion Foundation, which seeks to empower veterans and the families of fallen heroes to develop character in
future generations.

[grve_single_image image=”8158″][grve_title title=”FundX Helps the Next Generation of Investors” heading_tag=”h5″ heading=”h5″ align=”center”][grve_single_image image=”9099″]

FundX believes it is important to invest in the next generation of investors and motivate them to start investing early. Efforts included volunteering in local schools; giving high school students the chance to learn firsthand about investing through job shadowing and an internship at our office; and working to reach women through an education event for women in their 20s and 30s and attending a conference for professional women in California.

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Working in the investment industry allows employees of U.S. Global Investors to help individuals reach their short- and long-term wealth and retirement goals. While this is a type of service on its own, and a very vital one at that, the team at U.S. Global wanted to branch out beyond their everyday work to make an even greater impact to those in need, and not just in a financial or educational sense.