<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Entry Form & Judging Criteria</span>

Entry Form

Objectives & Goals: Please provide the overall objective and goals of this entry.

Overall Summary: Please provide pertinent information you feel the judges will find helpful when evaluating this entry such as: target audience, desired call to action, response, feedback, results, innovative approaches, etc.

2018 STAR Awards Judging Criteria:

Effectiveness: Entry achieves stated objectives and goals provided for entry.

Messaging: Messaging, concepts, philosophies, instruction, etc. are delivered in a simple and effective manner.

Educational Value: The piece successfully informs and educates its audience through clear, effective content and dynamic visuals and infographics.

Innovation: The entry harnesses dynamic and innovative tactics to communicate key messages to target audiences in a unique and impactful way.

User Experience: The entry will be evaluated for: usability; the ability to locate key messaging; functionality; clarity; simplicity; perspective and positive overall user experience.

Design: The entry will be assessed for creativity, effective layout and overall design.

Additional Criteria for Campaign Entries:

Consistency: Messaging, look, presentation and thematic are consistent and effectively integrated in all aspects of the campaign.

Distribution: Multiple and effective distribution methods are used to reach the target audience(s).