“I enjoy participating in the MFEA STAR Awards program because it gives our firm the opportunity to step back and take a look at everything we’ve produced over the course of a year. As we gather material to submit our entries, we are reminded of the wonderful or new things we tried, we are reminded of what we could improve upon, and we are reminded of what we would still like to accomplish. The STAR Awards event is unique because not only are you recognized for all the hard work that goes into your marketing and communication efforts, you are able to learn from your competition. It’s always helpful to see what other firms are doing, whether they are the same size firm as yours or in a completely different category. At U.S. Global Investors two of our key values are recognition of achievement as well as curiosity to learn and improve. The STAR Awards is a perfect example of both.”
— Holly MacRossin, U.S. Global Investors

“At Royce, we’ve always seen the Star Awards program as a wonderful opportunity to get together with our peers and see the very best materials that our industry has to offer. It’s a time to share ideas and see what our counterparts and competitors are doing—which has definitely helped to sharpen our thinking and improve our work.”
— John Davis, Royce & Associates/The Royce Funds

“In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important for the communicators that drive industry messaging to receive valuable insights and hear feedback on what is working and not working as well as it could be. The scorecard gives participants first-hand feedback by providing them with an idea of where their scores fell within the category and how they compared with the winning entry in that category. The scorecard provides personal feedback from the judges that can help marketers improve their efforts across the board.”
— Kimber Lintz, Director of MFEA